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It’s a headache when you think about it. Let someone who can wipe away years of not filing in hours.

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There's a grant you could get if you had financial statements. Let the man who can get that task done in a day do it for you!

Have you blocked the CRA on your Phone?

That works for a little while until you have your bank account frozen. Face the music up front with an expert and sometimes they will make it less painful for you.

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Meet Gordon

You know where he lives. 

Pleasant View, the old hotel in Hatfield Point is his home.  He has been your neighbour for the last 15 years.  Though semi-retired, taxes and dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency remain his bread and butter. 

Gordon brings over 40 years of experience to small businesses, particularly owner operators and helps them have their best experience with the CRA. Whether it is tax returns, payrolls, charitable filings or HST/GST, he has the experience to find solutions that will work.

If you are looking to start a business, if your side gig has started to generate revenue  you will  need that step up to approach the bank or secure a grant.  He can help you write your business plan, advise you on your electronic business system.  As a former Chartered Accountant, he can help you incorporate.  If you are new to NB, he can ease you in.

When he is not doing sudoku, he chops kindling or plays the piano.  Summertime will put him the little red sailboat and on Sundays he plays the organ at Trinity Church in Bloomfield.


Customer Testimonials

George P.

Over 40 years I have operated a radio station, a gift shop and a travel agency and Gordon has always had my back

Anna B.

A friend and a professional, Gordon has navigated our design business and real estate holdings since our kids were in nursery school


No matter what the concern, whether it is the IRA or CRA, I can count on Gordon to find a solution.

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